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Multitouch Screen Keyboard

Microsoft's Multitouch screen keyboardMicrosoft are at it again - they have developed a multi touch screen keyboard. Although, it's not like the ones we've seen over the past few years. The previous prototypes have always been useless for people who touch type, they have no physical reference for users to use, therefore they have to look at the keyboard to type quickly.
The patent for Microsoft's latest design however, is quite different. It uses multitouch technology to align the keys to the position of the user's hands automatically. They keys will then always be in the same relative position to your fingers, meaning there is a point of reference and users don't need to look at the keyboard to type quickly. Microsoft also say that the keyboard will appear wherever your hands are, just touch the screen and type - simple as that.
This is the kind of technology that really gets me excited, true innovation and something that can be useful in everyday life!
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