Microsoft's Zune HD Is US Only Page: 1
No Zune HD for Brits
Zune HD DeviceMicrosoft has confirmed that it's new Zune HD music playing device will not make it to the UK, like it's last Zune player. "For the time being the Zune HD device will remain US only," a Microsoft spokesperson stated. "Right now we are focused on deploying an exciting service in the form of Zune Video to 18 markets. We are looking at potential future hardware experiences for these markets, but do not have anything to announce right now."
This is disappointing to say the least as it looks like a very promising device and early rumours suggested it would be available internationally, although this isn't the case. The original Zune was only available in the USA upon launch, but this soon expanded to Canada to, so the same could happen again. A silly move from Microsoft in my opinion. What do you think? Discuss in our Forums.