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Touch Sensitive Mice
With multi-touch technology becoming increasingly popular in mobile devices and tablet computers, as well as the upcoming release of Windows 7 and the hype about it's touch capabilites. Microsoft have seen a gap in the market and demonstrated several multi-touch mouse prototypes.
They include the "cap" mouse, whose entire front half is a multi-touch surface, another device with a transparent sheet of acrylic at the front and an infrared camera that captures finger movements under it, and a mechanical model with two articulated arms the user can control with their thumb and forefinger.
There is no doubt that these mice sound very strange, and won't become mainstream for some time, but the sheer innovation and technology behind these prototypes is exciting and a sign of devices we can expect in the coming years.
Here is a video courtesy of CrunchGear. What do you think of these, would you buy one if it was prices right?
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