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Free Microsoft Office 'Starter Edition'
Microsoft Office 2010 Starter EditionMicrosoft has confirmed rumours that up-coming PCs running Windows will come with a free edition of Office 2010, dubbed 'Starter Edition', pre installed.
The Starter Edition will only be available as a pre loaded-loaded option on 'Office Ready' PCs from major OEMs. However, unlike the version of Office 2007 that is currently used, 2010 will have no expiration date, just limited functionality. It will be supported by an advertising framework, although Microsoft explained very little about. For this product to be successful, the advertising needs to be visible enough to persuade users to purchase the full version, but not too in-your-face that users don't want to use Office at all.
The free version will be easy enough to upgrade for those who chose to remove the adverts. The full version of Office will already be pre-loaded onto the hard drive, users will then just need to buy a licence code and hey presto - a full version of Office
Microsoft still hasn't revealed exactly how limited the "limited functionality" of the Starter Edition is, although it should include Word and Excel and maybe Powerpoint without a few features. The starter edition should be a strong alternative to Microsoft's works, providing similar functionality for free.
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