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Visit your local Microsoft shop soon?

Microsoft to open retail storesAccording to a report seen in the 'Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal', Microsoft are going to be opening retail stores. Microsoft have appointed the ex Dreamworks Animations head of worldwide product distribution, David Porter as new corporate vice president of retail stores. The company is quoted to have said it is targeting "a small number of high profile experience stores in a few major cities around the world." Microsoft recently opened a retail experience centre within it's Redmond campus and has used highly futuristic prototypes of retail display technology.

Exact product ranges and store locations have not yet been confirmed, but we expect Microsoft to pile on the WOW factor. We find this to be a daring move for Microsoft. With leading brand names disappearing from our high streets as quick as they are at the moment, Microsoft will surely have to work some magic to make the effort worthwhile.

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