Microsoft To Open Their First Retail Stores Page: 1
Microsoft Retail Stores
Microsoft have always been a competitor to Apple, at first in the operating system field and then when they launched competing music players in the form of the Zune and iPod. One place Microsoft have significantly lacked against Apple however, is in the retail side of things, they have no stores, unlike Apple. Possibly one of the reasons for Apple's brand success?
Microsoft seem to have finally realised this and have announced that they plan on opening their first retail store in Scottsdale, Arizona on the 22nd of October to coincide with the Windows 7 launch. They also said that they plan to open their stores as close to Apple's as possible, hoping to attack Apple's sales by doing so.
One of the main factors in Apple's success is the easy shopping experience, with helpful staff and technical assistants in store, which Microsoft say they will rival with their own help desk, similar to Apple's Genius Bar. If Microsoft try hard enough to make this a success, it will be.
They plan to sell an array of PCs, which could be from partners or Microsoft branded, along side a range of Xbox hardware and games, Zune music players and screens, with the Arizona store boasting a huge 96inch screen for customers to play on. Microsoft say that if all goes well they will continue to open stores throughout the USA and the rest of the world, most likely.
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