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Microsoft tweaks anti-piracy check for Windows XP
Microsoft' anti-piracy software - Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) was met with mixed reactions when Microsoft launched it two years ago as part of an aggressive program to eliminate counterfeit and pirated versions of Windows. Microsoft has now updated WGA anti-piracy checks for Windows XP Pro to make it more like Windows Vista, and the company has improved its ability to detect non-genuine copies of Windows. So if you're running a pirated version of XP then thngs are about to become a little more irksome.
In a blog posting attributed to Alex Kochis, a Microsoft director of product marketing and management, the company said it made the changes to the Windows Genuine Notification (WGA) alerts for XP Pro because it is "the product edition that is most often stolen."
If a version of Windows XP Pro is found to be pirated or counterfeit, the next time a user logs on to the system, the desktop screen background will be black, replacing whatever custom desktop may have been set by the user. This will reappear every 60 minutes, even if a user resets the screen's background.
Another new feature of the alert system is to put the PC into "persistent desktop notification" mode, with a banner at the bottom of the screen informing the user that the copy of Windows is not genuine. The notification is translucent and users can interact with any objects underneath it; however, it will continue to appear on the screen until a user installs a genuine copy of Windows.
Will the latest WGA notifications force those with non-genuine Win XP to purchase a genuine version?
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