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Modern Warfare 2 Themed Console

Xbox 360 limited edition call of duty modern warfare 2 consoleMicrosoft's XBOX 360 is a very popular games console, despite the RROD issue it still managed to sell millions of consoles, mainly due to the attractive pricing. With the launch of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 fast approaching, what better time than now to launch a limited edition Elite console based on the game? The matt black console features a new, range-topping 250GB hard drive and is bundled with two wireless controllers and a copy of the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2 game.
The only other changes are the matt black dvd bezel and the grey decals which give it a rather sleek look. It is expected to be launched along side the game on the 10th of November, for $399 stateside, although no prices are set in stone in Europe. I'd expect it to be around £270 though once it hits stores in the UK. Also rumoured is a Forza 3 edition of the 250Gb console which was listed on Amazon's German website, and also rumoured is a 250GB version of Sony's rival Playstation 3 in October.
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