Microsoft Will Stop Selling Office Page: 1
No more office if Word ban isn't lifted
Microsoft says it will stop selling it's popular office package if the ban on Microsoft Word isn't lifted. You may have seen that Canadian software company i4i took Microsoft to court for using technology patented by themselves. Microsoft were taken to court and had 60 days to sell word, before they weren't allowed to any more. They were fined $200 million for the infringement of the patent of the XML standard, which was introduced to word in 2003 to allow greater storage for the documents.
However, Microsoft are pleading for the ban to be lifted or it may have to stop selling word for several months. "Microsoft and its distributors face the imminent possibility of a massive disruption in their sales. If left undisturbed, the district court’s injunction will inflict irreparable harm on Microsoft by potentially keeping the centerpiece of its product line out of the market for months. The injunction would block not only the distribution of Word, but also of the entire Office suite, which contains Word and other popular programs." say Microsoft's defense team.
We are not quite sure why they have to stop selling the whole package and not just word, all they have to do is change their file format, disabiling the XML feature and labelling it under a different SKU so customers can tell the difference. However, if Microsoft do indeed stop selling office, many consumers and businesses will be left with a major headache. Open Office and Google Docs are expected to see a large increase in usage if this decision does go ahead.
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