Mid-range 65nm 8800 due November Page: 1

Mid-range 65nm 8800 due November

We heard about an upcoming GPU from NVIDIA on 256-bit memory interface earlier this month and we thought it is the rumored 256-bit version of G84. Now we learned that it is actually the next generation G92, a 65nm performance part supporting PCI Express 2.0 and 256-bit memory interface. G92 performance lies between GeForce 8800 GTS and 8600 GTS so it is not the highest end GPU from the G9x series yet. There might be a G90 which we haven't heard about yet and NVIDIA gave clues that their next generation GPU will deliver close to 1 TFlops of performance in a recent analyst conference. G9x could support Double Precision FP too. Sampling will start in September and slated for launch in November timeframe.

Sounds like an 8800GT... I'll be holding out for the G90... 1 TFlop!

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