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Mininova Plan to Launch Bittorrent Video Streaming Service
Mininova, the popular website hosting torrent files, have announced plans to launch a service capable of allowing users to stream video, straight from torrent files, using peer to peer (P2P) methods of transferring data.
The service uses an open source application called "Swarmplayer", developed by a company called Tribler, who are also working with the BBC and other major european media giants to bring P2P media streaming into the common market.
This alternative way to access media content is extremely cost effective and efficient, with many video streaming services such as Stage6 shutting down as they can not longer supply the bandwidth required to stream video to such a large amount of users.
These plans extend from Mininova recently releasing a music streaming service, through an applet called "Bitlet". At the current time, the music streaming service is only available on certain "featured" content, and the video streaming service is about to enter beta testing phase. If you wish to participate in testing, visit Here
I'm sure you will all agree, this new method of video streaming can only bring advancements in the types, and quality of media that we can stream. However, the implications of this in the piracy market are sure to be severe. It is hard to dispute that there are many torrents on the Mininova site that are deemed illegal by most, and with this new feature, how long will it be before any movie or TV show is available to stream in high quality, and at speeds limited only by your connection?
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