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Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2 ScreenshotLet's start off with the good news - Modern Warfare 2 is not delayed for release on PC, it will be released on November the 10th, alongside the console version. Also on the positive side, the PC version will now feature prestige mode as well as "lots of steam support", but that's about it.
Infinity Ward's community manager, Robert Bowling, has confirmed, in a recent podcast on fan site, that there will be no more dedicated servers support in the game. Instead, all games will be hosted by Infinity Ward through their IWNet matchmaking service, which allows you to play online with similarly ranked players. There will be no server list or choice, although there is still the option for private matches. Bowling says this is making "multiplayer more accessible to the PC community" although many gamers aren't pleased with the decision at all.
This decision of no private servers will also see an end to custom maps and modifications for the game, although not completely ruled out yet, it is unlikely. Another big part of PC gaming, clan servers, are used by many and paid for by the community themselves. This will all go and the PC gaming community will be changed forever. There is already several petitions against the decision, with one gaining over 15,000 signatures in 24 hours. It has also been reported that over 4000 pre orders for the PC version of the title have been cancelled, clearly not a good decision from Infinity Ward.
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