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More Eee Top Details
Yesterday we reported that Asus would be releasing and all-in-one PC in the near future dubbed the Eee Top.  We now know that it will initially be released as a 15.6" model, with 20" and 22" models to follow soon after in early 2009.  The 15.6" model will be manufactured by Quanta and be first released in the Taiwan, Hong Kong, and UK markets with a starting price of about $565.
Last year, Asus essentially gave birth to the netbook sector with their Eee PC.  It seems they may just do it again with the low-cost all-in-one solution.  Already, MSI has made an announcement about their own system and the likes of Acer and Lenovo are expected to soon follow suit.
Will the low-cost all-in-one PC prove to be the next big thing?
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