More Nvidia Cards Reported to Be Failing Page: 1
NVIDIA's faulty card issue may run deeper than first thought.
Recently we brought you news of NVIDIA's problems that they were having with last generation mobile GPU's. To make matters worse, NVIDIA's Q2 financial results were less than stellar for investors after the company had to write off a considerable amount of profit due to the GPU failures. And to top things off, it appears that the fault with NVIDIA's mobile GPU's isn't as isolated as we are led to believe with manufacturers reportedly expressing concern with high failure rates in desktop GPU's.
The issue with the desktop cards seems to be a rather serious one. Four Nvidia partners are said to experience G92 and G94 chips failures in the field at high rates. The failures follow a bell curve, starting slow and going up very quickly, and Nvidia has yet another problem to deal with. The G92 chip is used in numerous cards, including 8800GT, 8800GTS, 8800GS, several mobile versions of 8800, most of the 9800 line, and a few 9600 flavors, while G94 is packed on the 9600GT. If all these cards are susceptible of failure, the costs will be dramatically increased for Nvidia.
NVIDIA are reportedly remaining tight-lipped on the matter, but I guess we may see more become of this as time goes on.
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