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Nvidia VS ATIReported power and pricing for GT200s & RV770s
Recently there have been more reports with further details of the upcoming range of GFX cards from Nvidia and ATI that are now very near to their rumoured release dates.
The cards in question are, as we already know, to be based on the new GT200 core for Nvidia and the RV770 core for ATI.
First up I'll go into the Nvidia offerings as it now looks like, against earlier reports, they will end up being released before ATI's cards or at least in the same week.  For a while it has been heavily rumoured that Nvidia will launch their new cards on June 18th and this still looks to be the case.  The actual date could end up varying by a day or two but it looks like we will see some products in week 25 of 2008.
While everyone has been looking forward to what had been guessed would be named the 9900GTX, the flagship card at launch will in fact be named the GeForce GTX 280.  Keeping the GeForce GTX 280 company on release day will be the GeForce GTX 260 which would have been the 9900GTS.
I've had a search around for some specs for both cards and apparently Turkish site Donanimhaber have got hold of them.  If you can read Turkish then feel free to take a look, but if like me you're a touch rusty in that language then here are the reported details:
GeForce GTX 280:
GeForce GTX 260:
240 Stream Processors192 Stream Processors
32 ROPs28 ROPs
602MHz Core576MHz Core
1107MHz Memory896MHz Memory
1296MHz Shaders999MHz Shaders
Physics ready, CUDA technologyPhysics ready, CUDA technology
PureVideo HD technologyPureVideo HD technology
Open GL 2.1, SLI, PCIe 2.0 SupportOpen GL 2.1, SLI, PCIe 2.0 Support
The only thing that might put some people off is the prices that have been thrown around.  $600 has been reported for the GTX 280, but, if as expected, this single core card beats out the dual core beast 9800 GX2, for all those over the pond it might not be a bad purchase as the GX2 still sells for $500+.  This really doesn't give us any idea what it'll cost over here in the UK and could well be wrong anyway.  Also reported are that the comparative price in Euro-land could equate to about €550 - €600.  This doesn't seem like a very good exchange as per usual.
As for the GTX 260, the price has been reported at around $450 in the US and in Europe around €400 ($620).  Again if these are correct then Europe is looking at getting ripped off... No change there then.  This card is also expected to perform better than the GX2 and could, in fact, surpass ATIs' most powerful RV770 release.
Now moving on to ATI's cards, and there is just as much information floating around to whet the appetite.
As above, it was originally thought that ATI would release their cards a few weeks before Nvidia but this now doesn't look likely.  ATI's Radeon 4800 series, when introduced will come in three flavours - the 4850, 4870 and 4870 X2.  The card touted to hit the shelves first from the 4800 series will be the Radeon 4850, code-named “Makedon” which features 512MB GDDR3 memory.  It will be followed up shortly afterwards (in July?) by the Radeon 4870 (512 MB GDDR5) code-named "Trojan" and a little later still, the 4870 X2 1024 MB GDDR5.  In terms of performance there are claims that the 4870 should perform on par with or better than the dual-chip 3870 X2.
I've done a search for the latest reported specs on these cards as well, as we all know how they can change as release gets closer.  However, information on the 4870 X2 is a little thin on the ground:
HD 4870 X2HD 4870HD 4850
55nm55 nm55 nm
2 x 480 Stream Processors480 Stream Processors480 Stream Processors
 2 x 16 ROPs16 ROPs16 ROPs
?????1008 GFlops816 GFlops
2 x 1024MB GDDR51024MB GDDR5512MB GDDR5 / 256MB GDDR3
 ????? 725 MHz or 850MHz Core 625MHz or 650MHz Core
 ?????1960MHz Memory1728MHz / 1000MHz Memory
 ?????1935MHz Shaders850MHz Shaders
Pricing of ATI's offerings are much lower than that of Nvidia.  While not finalised, the current pricing guidelines show that the Radeon 4850 should cost around $189-$219 at launch while indications show that the 4870 GDDR5 cards will cost between $249 and $279.  Some reports say this could end up a little lower.

So in summary it looks as if ATI’s Radeon 4870 and 4850 will both end up slower than the GT200 based cards, but at the same time they will also cost significantly less.  From what's being reported at the moment it appears as if the 4870 will be slower than any GT200, but it will be around half the price.
At the time of writing this I've tried to make it as accurate as possible from trawling through reports from the more reputable sources including information we've previously reported ourselves.  The real details could well change before release as even the dates could end up being well out.
Let's hope that we're in for a significant step-up in performance from both ATI and Nvidia's upcoming GFX cards.
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