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Mozart TX

It seems the growing trend to have a entertainment centre in your home these days so we see Thermaltake come forward with there offerings


Kenny Lin, the President of Thermaltake Technology emphasizes that “A product inspired by good innovation concept can improve the living standard at any time. Consumers should not need to worry about things that should simply be working as intended, because Thermaltake will be providing a perfect solution at all costs.”



Its not very often you come across a home theatre system that doubles as your gaming rig but Thermaltake have changed all this with the Mozart TX



Thermaltake claim it will remain looking like an elegant piece of art. The Mozart TX can save approximately 30% floor space due to its efficient design,

Anywhere, anytime


As far as performance counts, the Mozart TX is a Home Entertainment Centre incorporating multimedia functions as well as gaming needs. Another unique function of the Mozart TX is that two independent motherboards can be installed into the chassis to form a combined ATX / BTX and Mini ITX dual computer system. The world’s first 7” drive bay design accommodate a retractable 7” LCD monitor while a reserved window is designed for VFD display which enable the Mozart TX to be controlled through a remote.


When going for a home theatre system you probably want to be silent right? Well Thermaltake have thought of everything Thermaltake Technology implemented the Independent Thermal Chamber technology to efficiently dissipate any thermal waste produced from high performance computer systems. Supporting a high amount of silent fans and liquid cooling system, the Mozart TX excels at heat dissipation while achieving low noise. Even if both systems within the Mozart TX are running at full load, the noise level of the system will not be bothersome. The reduction of noise level satisfy one of the primary needs of a home theatre system and goes to show how Thermaltake is dedicated towards combining technology and everyday lives.