MSI Adds Super LoiLoScope to NVIDIA GeForce GPUs Page: 1

MSI has included Super LoiLoScope with all of its NVIDIA GeForce series products to create the first ever combination of a video editing software with a GPU. Super LoiLoScope is the world’s first video editing software that is directly decoded by GPU. This makes it up to 10 times faster than traditional CPU-based encoders when it comes to editing or creating movie files.

Super LoiLoScope is based on NVIDIA’s CUDA technology and provides high power conversion of video files by harnessing the power of the GPU. When used on the GeForce GTX 285 GPU, it provides more than 900 FLOPS performance, which is much faster than the 100 FLOPS performance given by the best CPUs currently on the market.

Super LoiLoScope on the GTX 285 GPU makes even the most complex of computing tasks faster and easier. When combined with the Dual Stream Decode technology that is part of MSI’s N-series products, Super LoiLoScope enhances the ability of users to view overlapping videos in real time.

Super LoiLoScope comes with a simple and easy-to-use user interface that requires users to just click few buttons to get all their editing and rendering tasks done. With support for H.264 encoding and full HD movie editing and rendering capabilities, Super LoiLoScope is far superior to most other video editors that work on CPU power. The built-in 5.1ch video playback and AVCHD format HD movie playback add to the user experience.

Other features of Super LoiLoScope include multilingual interface, and the ability to encode and play MP4, iPod, AVCHD, and Blu-ray formats. Despite being the first of its kind, Super LoiLoScope is one of the most powerful video editing, rendering, and playing software presently available.

The new bundle from MSI that is now available with all of its NVIDIA GeForce products carries a free 30-day trial version of Super LoiLoScope.

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