MSI Drops 125W CPU Support On K9A2 CF Board Page: 1
A little while ago, it was noted that MSI had removed 125W TDP CPUs from the support list for their 790X-based K9A2 CF motherboard.  This apparantly was due to numerous complaints from users with problems, one including an actual fire starting.  The people at bit-tech decided to query further and received the following response:
"[MSI] cannot guarantee the long-term durability of using a 125W part in the two year warranty". We were also told that "The original power design on K9A2 CF is limited to AM2's 89W and AM2+'s 95W [specification]".
Obviously this means that MSI decided to use cheaper components that would be unable to deal with the greater heat and voltage regulation stress of a 125W TDP processor.
125W TDP CPUs are hardly new, and there's also another 790X board on the market that supports them, though it is more expensive.  Also, this means that users will be unable to upgrade to the future Phenom 9700 and 9900 processors.
Do you think MSI made a sound business decision?
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