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MSI N260GTX Lightning redefines top quality

MSI, known throughout the world for their motherboards, have announced the release of the greatest and most extreme customised GeForce GTX 260 to hit the market. The MSI N260 GTX Lightning has been designed to satisfy users requests of higher durability and higher stability. To this end MSI have introduced a brand new class of graphics cards called 'Military Class'. With 1792MB double-sized memory, a dual fan design and the unique "AirForce Panel" the MSI N260 GTX Lightning becomes the most unique GeForce GTX 260 on the market.

MSI Lightning

The 'Military Class' standard applied to this graphics card meets the standards international military organisations use when purchasing their components. Included in this is the ability of the Hi-c Capacitors to work in 125℃ temperatures and have two and a half times the lifespan of standard capacitors. The MSI N260GTX Lightning is also the worlds first graphics card to be supplied with 10 phase power PWM. Within the 10 phase power PWM, 8 of them are for the GPU which greatly improves the total power supply and stability. No longer will overclockers need to worry about the hardware design being unable to cope with the voltage and clock speed adjustments. 

The other unique selling point of this MSI card is the exclusive bundling of a touch sensitive panel, the 'AirForce Panel'. This enables users to have complete control over both the voltage and clock settings of the card. Simply touch the panel and overclocking is within your grasp. For the extreme enthusiast the voltage pin measurement is reserved for you to simply use a multi-meter to detect the core and memory voltages. 

Airforce Front Panel

With the dual PWM fan design allied to five heat pipes ensuring the very best dissipation of heat, the 1792MB of RAM and the highest quality components used, the MSI N260GTX Lightning is the most unique and powerful GeForce GTX260 graphics card available.

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