MSI GTX 480 HydroGen Leaked Page: 1

I think we can all agree that the GF100 chip certainly runs hot, some people have actually reported their GTX 480 reaching temperatures of up to 100°C. This makes overclocking very difficult since there is next to no margin for heat increase.

MSI have decided to tackle the problem by replacing the air cooler with a water block.

From the leaked images we believe it to look like an aquacomputer water block however we can't guarantee anything and would love to hear your opinion.

We don't have any word on the pricing yet however with the EVGA Hydro Copper FTW selling for around £650, if MSI can match or even beat this price we think they will be onto a winner.

You can see the leaked images through the scroller to the right.

You can also discuss this at the Overclock3D forums.