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Following Intel’s disclosure of a SATA 3Gbps port flaw in its new Sandy Bridge-based 6-Series chipsets, several OEM and system partners have started recalling and replacing their products. MSI too has set up a support helpline and special customer service centers to help customers with the faulty chipsets get either replacements or sales returns.

The newly released 6-series chipsets of Intel have a minor flaw with the SATA 3Gbps ports which could see their performance degrading over a period of three years. Intel has asked all of its OEM partners to recall all their products based on this chipset, and MSI is taking this recall seriously. The manufacturer has placed immediate restrictions on all shipments of 6-series chipset-based products to distributors and resellers and is investigating other product batches that are likely to be affected.

Products already on shelves have also been taken off sales lines until further notice. Any shipments pending to customers have been put on hold. MSI has also asked all of its retailers and resellers to return any Intel 6 series MSI products in their inventory to their distributors. They can also get in touch with their local MSI sales representative in case they have any questions on the process.

In addition to recalling products, MSI has also issued a reassurance for customers who have already purchased an Intel 6 series based product. Customers in the UK are required to call the special service helpline on 0208-569-658 (Mon-Fri, 9:30-1700) for details on how they can get their products replaced or serviced. They can also email [email protected] for these details. Similar helplines and service support centers are also being set up across Europe for speedy resolution of the issue.

To make it easy for customers to understand whether their MSI product is affected or not, MSI has issued a list of affected models, which includes the following:

MSI Mainboards (Intel P67)







MSI Mainboards (Intel H67)





MSI Notebooks (Intel PM67)


MSI Notebooks (Intel HM67)



For customers who have purchased any of the above products, MSI is offering both product swap and refund options. Those customers who wish to get their product replaced will have to wait until April for the arrival of the new B3 stepping chipset-based Intel 6 series boards. Until then, MSI is advising motherboard customers to switch over to using the white SATA3 ports on their boards as these ports have not been affected.

To make it easy for customers to identify new products once they become available, MSI will be putting a clear sticker on the color box, with details of the same to be released by the end of February. Customers can also leave their details with MSI for a return intimation email by sending a blank email to [email protected] 

Customers who prefer not to wait for product replacement in April have the option of returning their products for a full refund. Such customers are required to approach their original reseller or retailer to hand in their product and get a credit refund. For the refund option, MSI has also clarified that any customers who purchased their products as part of the VAT back launch program in January will not be eligible for cash back claims. Details of the same can also be found by reaching the helpline phone number or email.

Customers outside the UK can find necessary information for their local region by visiting the information page set up at

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