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MSI Introduces Syren Series Audio ProductsSyrenHeadphones
Today MSI introduced three new audio products under the name of "Syren" which they claim delivers “dreaming sound.” The first product is the "SyrenSound X-Fi" - PCI-e sound card with X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity audio technology. Powered by the Creative Audio Processor CA0110, the X-Fi and EAX 4.0 capable sound card is designed to deliver environmental sound with higher quality and better gaming sound!
The "SyrenPhone Gaming" - USB digital gaming Headphones feature an adjustable head band and soft ear pads to ensure maximum comfort during use for extended periods. With a noise reducing, uni-directional microphone, the SyrenPhone can reduce background noise up to 100Hz, and provide clear crisp audio through the gold-plated USB interface. A built in volume control is included to allow quick adjustments without needing to change settings on the computer, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game.
The "SyrenSpeaker mini" – Mini-Q USB speakers are small, lightweight and compact. The speakers receive their power via USB, and contain a digital (class D) amplifier to further boost the signal from the computer. Designed for the fashion conscious notebook user the MSI SyrenSpeaker delivers higher Efficiency / Eco and better sound quality compared to that of standard speakers.
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