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MSI Introduces the Wind U115 Hybrid Netbook

MSI NotebookWith its dimensions of 260mm x 180mm x 19-31.5mm and weighing 1.3kg, this MSI netbook might look like others available in the market, but the real power of the system is hidden inside.

Powered by Intel’s 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor, the U115 Hybrid carries a Silverthorne part paired with Intel’s US15W Poulsbo chipset; these two make up the Menlow platform. It is the chipset that makes the U115 stand apart from the crowd – it has a TDP of just 2.3 watts, unmatched by any 945GSE chipset currently available.

While the outside is a traditional 10 inch 1,024 x 600 LED screen, the inside of the netbook also features integrated Intel GMA 500 graphics, which allows it to decode high-definition media with hardware acceleration. Another major point of difference is MSI’s Hybrid storage solution which comes in the form of a 160GB hard drive combined with an 8GB solid state drive. When the hard drive is not needed, users can turn it off at the touch of a button and preserve battery life.

All of these combinations give the MSI Wind U115 an amazing battery life of more than 12 hours from a single charge of its six-cell battery. Additional features of the Wind U115 Hybrid include 1GB of DDR2 memory, a four-in-one card reader, VGA out, three USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless N, Bluetooth, stereo speakers and a built-in webcam.

On the downside of course is the combination of Intel’s Poulsbo chipset and an SSD, both of which are likely to drive the price of the Hybrid upward. According to MSI, the netbook will be priced at £499 and will be available from May.

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