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MSI Launches Classic Series with CR400
The nicely featured MSI Classic CR400 notebookMSI recently unveiled the first notebook under its Classic series in the form of the 14in CR400. The manufacturer claims it has gone for “nothing but the best” in designing the Classic series and the CR400 is reportedly a perfect example of this philosophy.
In terms of specifications, the CR400 is a uni-design notebook sporting MSI’s CFM technology for a radiant look. The 14in 16:9 display is LED backlit for excellent clarity and extended battery life. The processor is an unspecified Intel Core 2 Duo, while graphics processing is handled by the latest GeForce 8200MG card. With up to 4GB of RAM, the CR400 has enough processing power to handle the most demanding applications and graphics.
The Ergonomic De-Stress (EDS) technology keyboard reportedly makes typing stress free while giving easy access to the system’s three power saving modes – ECO, Bluetooth and Wireless. A special 4-way scroll button allows easy control over brightness and volume.
Connectivity options on the notebook include 802.11 b/g/n high-speed WLAN and Bluetooth V2.0 +. Also included in the CR400 is a high-resolution webcam, three USB ports and a microphone. The 6-cell battery keeps the weight of the notebook down to an easily portable 2kg while giving good system life.
The nicely featured CR400 is the first representative of MSI’s Classic Series, which also boasts of bigger models such as the 16in CX600 & CR600 and the 17.3in CX700 & CR700 notebooks. While these notebooks reportedly have high-end specifications, the CR400 is no less impressive. It now remains to be seen what the pricing will be and when the CR400 becomes available in the retail markets.
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