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MSI has been quite active with new product releases off late – the manufacturer today came out with its latest N460GTX-SE Cyclone series graphics card. The release follows closely in the heels of the official release of the GeForce GTX 460 SE by NVIDIA and is led by the overclocking ready N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5.

MSI has gone to length’s to ensure that the new GPU is an overclocker’s delight and used all Military Class components to ensure it meets all expectations of the enthusiast crowd. To start with the cooling apparatus, the N460GTX-SE Cyclone has been equipped with MSI’s exclusive Cyclone thermal design. The 9cm PWM fan generates awesome airflow, while the double heat pipes and nickel-plated copper base ensure that whatever heat is generated by the core is quickly and efficiently dispersed. Not only does the card remain a lot cooler than the stock design, but the noise level is also lower by 15.7% even at full load.

Next in line is the MSI Afterburner technology. This patented over voltage function lets users control the fan speed and fine-tune the voltage of the GPU, unleashing its power to the maximum and boosting the overall performance by as much as 30%. When combined with the superior cooling, this lets enthusiasts and extreme gamers draw the most out of their graphics core and achieve new levels of gaming performance. Club these with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision, PhysX, SLI, and CUDA technologies and you have got a perfect winner on your hands.

MSI has not forgotten about stability or longevity either – the N560GTX-SE comes loaded with Military Class components. Hi-C CAPs, solid state chokes, and solid caps give the card amazing power delivery and efficiency while keeping noise down to the bare minimum. They also let users push their cards to the maximum without fear of leakage or failing components.

For pricing though, we will still have to wait and watch.

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MSI N460GTX-SE Cyclone