MSI Lords of Overclocking Cheating Debacle Page: 1

It was supposed to be an exciting day for the extreme clocking community as the results of the qualifying tournament of this year's Masters Overclocking Arena, MSI's Lords of Overclocking, were to be released.  Unfortunately, all was not well as it seems that the results had been marred by the poor decision-making of a select few individuals.

Investigations by Futuremark found that the results of four participants from three different countries were exactly the same, down to the 3DMark06 registration number and full system specs.  The names of these competitors have since been revealed.

Hiwa,, KJ and Skinnee were all using results supplied by clocker AndreYang.  Apparently, this is not Andre's first offense of sharing numbers, though it is the first time it has been proven to have damaged the results of a competition.

In response to this issue, overclocking ranking site HWbot has issued a one-year ban to all offending parties as a matter of principle.  The prominent extreme community forum XtremeSystems has dealt out a similar punishment, with AndreYang actually receiving a lifetime ban as the main instigator.

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