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MSI proudly unveils the MSI N9600GT series graphic cards based on the new NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT GPU. MSI launches a complete range; MSI N9600GT-T2D512-OC, MSI N9600GT-T2D1G-OC and the MSI N9600GT ZILENT 1G. All graphic cards are equipped with PCI-Express 2.0, DirectX 10 support, NVIDIA PureVideo HD and 512MB or 1GB memory. MSI designed a brand new cooler with MSI Seaweed-blade and thermal shielding to reduce the heat and noise. The MSI N9600GT ZILENT 1G is equipped with a Zalman cooler.



MSI has also introduced for the 9600 series a new fan design, called the Seaweed-blade Fan. Below is a diagram of how it works.

Another angle of the next generation of Nvidia cards plus a nice new fan design. What do you think? Please tell us on our Forums.