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MSI Wind PC – Save Energy, Reduce Noise
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MSI Wind PC is based on new generation platform which is designed for a mix of performance, low power usage, size and affordability which is suitable for mobile applications or for users who leave their computers on 24-hours per day. The mini compact Wind PC only measures 6.5-centimeter, which is 3X smaller than the traditional ATX chassis. This highly-functional system is very space-saving; you can practically put it anywhere, on the table or bookshelf. The attractive red paint and streamline design makes the MSI Wind PC sleek and modern which complements any room in your home.

MSI Wind PC3X smaller thickness. The space magician
The size of Wind PC is only 300 X 260 X 65 mm with a conversion volume capacity of about 4.7 liters. Compared to standard ATX* chassis, MSI Wind PC saves about 83% spaces. In addition, the mini compact Wind PC only measures 6.5-centimeter, which is 3X smaller than traditional ATX chassis. The stylish design and clean lines create a unifying theme that blends easily with the most stylish home decor. Wind PC offers superior functions and performance and promises you the most hassle-free addition to your home!

*Note: The size of standard ATX is 12 X 9.6 ": L425mm X W178mm X H410mm

Save energy, save money
To avoid wasting earth resources and reduce environment waste, MSI Wind PC is powered by MSI ultra-low-power platform. The TDP (Thermal Design Power) is only 4W is 16X smaller than the general desktop processors and 9X smaller than laptop processors. With MSI excellent electronic circuit design, the full speed operation of Wind PC is only 35W. Compared to the 250W power consumption of general desktop computer, Wind PC can save up to 86% on electricity even when users use the computer for over a 24-hour period. It is very suitable for file server, remote monitoring or playing online game. MSI Wind PC is the best solution for your 24-hour computing needs. In addition, Wind PC has been certificated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the ENERGY STAR* Version 4.0 to enable 65% more reduction when in standby mode.

Quieter than electric fans at home
MSI Wind PC is based on MSI next generation platform which use high efficiency and stability of the passive cooling system design. From the fan noise and damage concerns, the operation volume is less than 30dB which is quieter than electric fans used at home. It's even quieter than the fan of the graphics card of desktop. Get a good night's sleep even when your computer is on and say goodbye to annoying fan noise while you're working or playing.

Built-in WLAN and omni-directional antenna
Besides the built-in high-speed Gb LAN and 802.11b/g wireless network, the Wind PC also comes with an omni-directional antenna. The omni-directional antenna helps users to have Internet connection anywhere at home. You don't need extra cable lines or destroy the interior of your house just to have an Internet connection. Preserve the beauty of your house and just simply enjoy the convenience and flexibility of MSI Wind PC.

Theatre-class audio-visual experience
Wind PC supports 7.1-channel audio output and DVD Combo, which allows users to enjoy unparalleled digital audio visual experience. It also comes with a built-in TV card that allows users to connect the cable line at home and experience a powerful TV quality. Moreover, it provides several full-screen functions, sub-screen switch, record function and Internet connection. Users can also toggle between the television and computer and have a good time with MSI Wind PC.

Full-featured multimedia center
The Wind PC comes with a front panel multi-format card reader which reads virtually any popular card format. Simply connect your camera to the computer and all your pictures are there ready to be looked at. In addition, the Wind PC has a built-in 160GB 7200 SATA hard drive that can store more than 30 DVD movies. Its storage capacity simply meets consumer's demand for high availability storage solution.
Personally I think the ASUS Eee Box still looks better in the aesthetics department.
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