MSI's 790FX/790GX Winki Edition enters the market Page: 1
MSI's 790FX/790GX Winki Edition enters the market
Yes, that's right, Winki Edition. These new boards incorporate the new Winki online environment, allowing the user to access a fully online environment without having to boot into an operating system. Winki is located by navigating the BIOS and selecting the Winki service, which offers four major internet services - Web browsing, instant messaging, Voice calls and fast photo viewing.
The motherboards are equipped with Active Phase switching, automatically adjusting the amount of power that is supplied to key components. Since the technology is completely hardware based it requires no software to operate, so users aren't required to boot into an operating system for the energy conservation to take affect. So not only will Winki be a fast and convenient method of accessing Internet features, but it will also help to save energy usage at the same time.
The Winki online experience is as safe as using any other browser, supporting SSL certificates for secure online transfers, along with JavaScript and Web 2.0. The Instant Messaging feature includes a number of the most popular messaging services including MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, Google Talk and many others. More than one account can be accessed simultaneously, so should you have multiple accounts you can manage them all with Winki. Voice calls make use of the Skype architecture, allowing users to make a call for free, seconds after they turn on the computer. The photo browsing utility allows users to manage image files in a range of formats direct from any hard drives or USB devices attached to the system.
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