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MSI's Flagship X79 Motherboard

MSI today have released information on their new Flagship X79 motherboard, The MSI Big Bang-XPower II.

MSI is claiming this is The Ace of overclocking mainboards being built on the legacy of the world-record holding Big Bang-XPower design, which they promise will give equally impressive results for both CPU and GPU overclocking.

Below is a list of features and an explanation as to what this board is packing:

1. DrMOS II powered Hybrid Digital PWM

The Big Bang-XPower II is MSI's most powerful motherboard to date. To hold this title in class-leading performance, the Big Bang-XPower II is built with MSI's coveted Military Class III components including; DrMOS II, Super Ferrite Choke, Hi-c CAP and Solid CAP all to ensure the best overclocking power, efficiency and lifetime.

2. Built for Extreme OC

In cooperation with three time MOA winner and overclocking master Jon "Elmor" Sandström MSI have developed a true overclocking board. Along with enhanced CPU overclocking features, the Big Bang-XPower II also offers capability's for PCI Express Gen3 Graphics cards in either 4-way NVIDIA SLI or AMD Crossfire, due to a specialised enhanced power supply to the graphics cards.

Each Gen3 Slot can also be enabled or disabled with PCI Express CeaseFire allowing for quick diagnostics or multi-GPU benchmarking with ease.

3. Enhanced Thermal Design

The Big Bang-XPower II's Striking Looks are built on its true OC potential. Based on a specialised OC PCB, the MSI SuperPipe Based Thermal Design is built so that no active cooling is required which ultimately enhances the lifetime of the board.

4. 128GB Memory Support

Yes that's right 128GB. The imposing look of the 8 DDR3-2400 MHz DIMM slots surrounding the CPU allow the most bandwidth to memory currently available on the desktop.

For Specs and a look at the board its self, Please See the Attached Images.

If you would like to know more about the board or check out other features it has please visit the MSI Product Page

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