MSI Serves Up R5870 and R5850 GPUs with Twin Frozr II Page: 1

Graphics cards’ manufacturer MSI on Tuesday launched two new graphics cards under its Twin Frozr II series in the form of the R5870 and R5850 GPUs. Like all its previous Twin Frozr series cards, the R5870 and R5850 also feature MSI’s exclusive military class components.

Both cards are equipped with 1GB of DDR5 memory and MSI’s Twin Frozr II cooler, which boasts of super-big 8cm dual fans with PWM. When combined with the dual 8mm SuperPipe technology, the fans provide an unparalleled cooling system that keeps the graphics cards cooler by nearly 12 degrees compared to the reference systems. Built-in auto-load speed detection capability automatically controls fan speed for precise and ultra-quiet operations under all conditions.

The Hi-c CAP capacitors and solid state chokes used in the cards ensure longevity and crash free operations. Both cards fully support ATI Stream, Eyefinity, and Microsoft’s DX11 technologies, which makes them great for highly visual game play and video applications. The R5870 and R5850 cards also support MSI’s Afterburner overclocking software, so enthusiasts would be able to easily access all the power they want from the card.

MSI is yet to come through on availability and pricing for the cards.

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