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MSI Treads Into Water

MSI has given out photos of their latest HydroGen cooling system, showing that they will be following in ASUS's footsteps in providing a waterblock system for the chipset.  However, MSI has put their own twist into things, having their block set to include not only the Northbridge, but the PCI-E extender chip, Southbridge and PWMs as well.  In addition to this, MSI has not gone with built-in barbs, obviously aiming at enthusiasts in allowing easier incorporation of the block into a user's current watercooling system.


MSI will be putting these blocks on special editions of current X38 boards (such as the pictured X38 Diamond) as well as future X48 boards.  Already, there is a tentative price of €379 floating around, though whether that's for the X38 or X48 motherboard isn't known at this time.

Considering it is just an empty waterblock, it's unlikely that the HydroGen system will be sufficient as a passive solution.  However, those not already into watercooling don't have to fear: MSI is already working on their own full watercooling kit to work in conjuction with the new block

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