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Modern Warfare 2 banned in Russia
According to TGDaily and the Russian GotPS3 website Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 has been banned in Russia for the already controversial Airport Mission, in which you play the part of the terrorists and gun down civilians. This mission has already sparked more coverage than almost any other in recent memory and the game already ships with a warning that players might find it disturbing and so they can ignore it if they want.
However, because the airport is based in Moscow the Russians have naturally taken the view that this paints them in a none-too-positive light and so have recalled all versions of the game and are currently liaising with Activision and Infinity Ward to entirely remove the mission from the game.
With over five million copies sold within the first day of release, and Microsoft reporting a record number of simultaneous Live users, this mission certainly hasn't dented sales.
Activision want to move to subscription gaming
As if the furore surrounding the lack of dedicated servers for Modern Warfare 2 wasn't enough the CFO of Activision, Thomas Tippl, has revealed that they are strongly considering introducing a subscription based online service to their large franchises, including Call Of Duty.
"It's definitely an aspiration that we see potential in, particularly as we look at different business models to monetize the online gameplay," said Tippl. "There's good knowledge exchange happening between the Blizzard folks and our online guys."
Monetise the gameplay sounds good in business speak, but still boils down to charging you extra for online components. He continued : 
"We have great experience also on Call of Duty with the success we had on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. A lot of that knowledge is getting actually built into the Battle.Net platform and the design of that. I think it's been mutually beneficial, and you should expect us to test and ultimately launch additional online monetization models of some of some of our biggest franchises like Call of Duty."
Following a recent survey Activision conducted it seems that there is a sufficient portion of the user-base who would be willing to pay extra for an improved service :
"Our gamers are telling us there's lots of services and innovation they would like to see that they're not getting yet. From what we see so far, additional content, as well as all the services Blizzard is offering, is that there is demand from the core gamers to pay up for that,"
Would you be willing to subscribe to allow you to play online or would you move to one of the many subscription-free FPS games around? Discuss in our forums