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Native PCI Express X-Fi Chips In Q4 2007

Last week we brought you news of the OEM version of the X-FI PCI-e card starting to make an appearance. Well it appears that Creative have a few upcoming plans on the boil, along with a distict change in direction.

There is a shift from sales of complete solutions to chipset solutions. One fine example is the licensing of their X-Fi technology and sale of the X-Fi sound chips to Auzentech where they are going to release the Prelude 7.1 into the market soon. Creative even provides the reference design kits to 3rd party manufacturers and assist them to make even better sound cards. This is obviously a major step for Creative in opening up their business and allow 3rd party access to their advance technology where previously have been pretty conservative in this aspect.

We heard more talks are currently underway with potential partners to take up their X-Fi technology. When we asked them about 3rd party competition to their own series of sound cards, Creative replied that they don't mind competition as they feel that more choices of X-Fi based sound cards are in fact good for them (they get to sell more X-Fi chips) and for the consumers. Another thing assuring for users is that Creative pledged continued support for EAX on Vista platforms through their ALchemy project as also further development on X-Fi to improve on low bitrate compressed music (not lossless). It is interesting to know that Creative might attempt to take on the audiophile market by making audiophile standard sound cards by themselves or perhaps through 3rd party makers.

Moving ahead, Creative will not just concentrate PC sound card but to move on to other platforms like MP3 players, video players etc. One interesting aspect Creative is going to target is Car Audio market.

Certainly a few things to look out for in the future...

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