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Nehalem EP To Debut A Month From Now

In the market for some insane bandwidth? According to reports, Intel are readying their dual processor Nehalem-EP platform for release in around a month. The Nehalem-EP platform will retain the LGA1366 socket as Core i7, dual CPU support, but two QPI links per chip - one to talk to the Tylersburg chipset and the other for high speed communication with the second processor.


The 25.6GB/s bidirectional bandwidth on each QPI link is twice the fastest FSB1600 bandwidth previously. And then you add up to 32 GB/s memory bandwidth per processor if simply sticking to the three-channel standard DDR3-1333 on each CPU. Should take care of both workstation and server tasks well, whether cache or memory-dependent. And then we add that scalable I/O bandwidth of one or two Tylersburgs...

Nehalem-EP roadmap

Unlike Skulltrail, Nehalem-EP is not limited by the need for expensive, hot, high latency FB-DIMMs. Instead Gainestown , with a memory controller like the Core i7, supports non-ECC high-speed desktop DIMMs.

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