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Nehalem wafer
Prepare for release - Nehalem 17th November
The chappies over at Fudzilla today reported that they believe Intel are set to launch Nehalem on the first day of week 47 (17th November).
They claim that multiple sources have informed them that this is the date that Intel has set for the long awaited release of their Core i7 architecture generation.
They go on to say that the Core i7 920 will be the entry level CPU at launch, with a cost of $284 and clocked at 2.66GHz.  Slightly higher than that is the Core i7 940, priced at $562 and clocked at 2.93GHz.  Last but definitely not least is the Core i7 Extreme 965, which has a wallet mutilating price tag of $999 and will be clocked at 3.2GHz.
This is also set to be the day that a lot of motherboard manufacturers are going to launch their new Intel based X58 boards, as well as a whole host of memory manufacturers releasing triple-channel DDR3 kits.
Getting excited by the impending release?  Or planning on sticking with socket 775 and hoping it'll drive down X48 prices a little?
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