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Nehalem Wafer
Nehalem system running a smoke-demo captured on video
PCGH have posted a short video from the IDF in Shanghai showing a particle game demo running on a Nehalem based system (presumably Bloomfield, Socket LGA1336, with integrated triple channel DDR-memory controller and hyperthreading). 
The demo uses eight threads and shows between 50 and 60,000 particles at any one time and everything you see is rendered in real time.  The eight threads stress the Quad-Core-Nehalem quite well with overall processor load at an average 63 percent, with individual threads varying between 55 and 93 percent.
The demo shows a scene where the impact of a meteoroid results in a flaming inferno.  There are a lot of wire frames with fire burning all around them.

The video along with some screenshots can be found here.
On another note, Italian site have posted some images taken of what looks like a system running 2 Nehalem CPUs.  Nehalem has four cores that, as above, can act as eight threads thus along the top of this image you can see total of sixteen cores.  In the second picture, Windows system properties has reported that the CPU is working at 2.13GHz, while the 2.53GHz should be the official speed of this sample.  If you happen to be fluent in Italian.. You can read their full article here.
Nehalem image             Nehalem image showing system info
It seems quite a few people are thinking about waiting for Nehalem before making their next serious upgrade.  Impressed with some of the first glimpses?
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