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 Nerd p0rn - MSI Naked Motherboard PCB's  

Naked MSI Motherboards

True beauty is on the inside. You can dress just about anything up to alter its appearance to one that is desirable. You can put make-up on, dress in designer clothes and wear the most expensive jewellery - but how do you look naked? 

For centuries, artists have been drawing and painting the naked body and passing it off as art, that it's natural beauty and it should be shared with the world. Well today, we have some naked art to share with you that doesn't require any make-up, designer clothes or expensive jewellery to look good.

After seeing some bare-naked PCB's at a recent event, we asked MSI to send us some of their PCB's butt-naked so we could take a closer look and share with you how silicon and copper can look so damn good.

Let's have a look at the video and some pictures. (Warning. The following video contains graphic images of Printed Circuit Boards).  

Being able to sit these PCB's side-by-side, you can really appreciate the nuance of each product. From the glossy sheen on the G43 as opposed to the matt-type of black on the Z87 MPower. Or, that the MPower has more MOSFET's over the GD65 Gaming motherboard - something that you wouldn't of necessarily noticed if these PCB's were fully dressed. 

Generally speaking, things look better naked, and these motherboards are a testament to that. They have that hypnotic feel about them when they catch your eye and catch your eye they do. We like them so much that we're planning on framing these to put up around the OC3D office.

We would love to hear what you think about these very unique and interesting motherboard examples in our forums. Go on, you know you want to - naughty, naughty.