New AMD Roadmap Revealed Page: 1

The guys over at German site ATI Forum have gotten their hands on a new CPU roadmap from AMD.  Certainly some will note the new hex-core X6 1045T, but the primary points of interest here are the two Fusion processors at the bottom.

Labeled with the name "Zacate", we can see that AMD will be bringing out a single- and dual-core offering late in the fourth quarter this year.  Considering the low TDP (18W and 25W) and previous reports, these will likely be the Ontario notebook/netbook chips.

These early Fusion chips will be paired with a new southbridge platform, dubbed "Hudson D1".  This platform provides up to 14 USB 2.0 (+two 1.1) ports as well as six SATA 3.0Gb/s ports, all in a 6W TDP package.  Unfortunately, USB 3.0 will not be available in this particular version.

Before these Fusion chips hit the market, AMD has a variety of other CPUs coming, including the aforementioned hex-core 1045T.  This chip will feature normal/Turbo clock speeds of 2.7/3.2GHz.  Also expected are three quad-, three tri-, and four dual-core Athlons as well as a dual-core Phenom and single-core Sempron.

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