New Astro Gaming Headset with Audio Mixer Page: 1

Astro have recently announced their new gaming headset, the A40. Aside from having stylish looks, with interchangeable faceplates, and a microphone that can be connected to either side, the headphones come with an external audio mixer. This piece of hardware allows the user to mix their 5.1 audio, from games or movies, with voice communications at their desired levels.

The mixer can be used with both PC audio and Xbox/Xbox360 systems. Xbox users can use the unit to select private and public channels, to talk to players on their team, and PC users can reportedly use the system for audio decoding to free up PC resources. Furthermore, an external audio device, such as an mp3 player, can be connected and mixed in rather than using PC software.

It will be available from the 17th December, priced at $249 for the mixer and headset package, or $129 and $199 respectively.