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New chip set to deliver exceptional TV to PC users the world over along with the new ATI Theater™ 650 Pro and Catalyst Media Center™

ATI Technologies Inc announced the Theater™ 650 Pro video processor chip for superb analog and digital TV reception for PC users around the world in Munich, Germany on June 6. The new chip offers full hardware support for Personal Video Recording (PVR) backed by unrivaled Avivo™ image quality. Theater 650 Pro is supported by ATI’s new Catalyst Media Center™

“Now with Theater 650 Pro, PC owners around the world can enjoy improved TV reception and PVR performance”
said Paul Lypaczewski, Senior Vice President Marketing and General Manager of ATI Technologies Inc. “Theater 650 Pro is an outstanding solution to offer both analog and digital PC TV tuner support for worldwide reception standards. Users can expect a new level of video quality design"

The key features include:

Full PVR functionality - Stop, pause, and rewind live TV on the PC
3D interface powered by ATI graphics cards
MulTView functionality - Record and watch two shows at the same time, or watch one show in a picture-in-picture window while watching another full-screen

Advanced video compression and conversion settings

Record or convert to MPEG4, DivX, WMV9, H.264
Capture video from VCRs or camcorders
ThruView Translucent video window over other desktop applications
Hybrid tuner support - Access both analog and digital TV with one TV card
Advanced electronic program guide (EPG)

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