New Breathtaking GT5 Shots Unveiled Page: 1

When one thinks of racing games, generally the Gran Turismo series is somewhere around the top of the list.  Recently, the SCEE has been teasing fans with content from the next generation of the series, having released a trailer (seen below) a couple weeks ago.  Now, game site AllGamesBeta has gotten their hands on several more shots for would-be players to drool over.

The Gran Turismo franchise prides itself in providing top-notch simulations of actual car performance and appearance, and if the trailer and screenshots are anything to go by, this latest installment looks to be bringing levels of realism yet unseen in the racing genre.

Gran Turismo 5 was first announced back in 2006 at the E3 convention.  The first trailer was show at last year's conference, with a playable demo hitting the PlayStation Network in December.  The game was initially slated for release in Japan this month, though this ended up getting pushed back to an undisclosed date.  However, the SCEE were quick to assure fans that America and Europe would see a fall release.  

Latest reports have a Sony representative stating at this year's Game Developer's Conference that the game would hit the market in October.