New Firewire standard aiming to be HDMI replacement? Page: 1
FireWire gets faster
The 1395 Trade Association has announced blazing new speeds of 3.2Gb/s for it's new standards. This new standard is Firewire S3200.
Replacing the 800 standard (seeing a naming pattern here?), the new 3.2Gb/s standard has huge potential. Of the old standard, the 1394 Trading Association said:
 The best hard drives with FireWire 800 can move data almost three times as fast as the best hard drives with USB 2.0.
Leading onto the surprising posturing that the standard could be a possible replacement for HDMI:
S3200 will also enhance FireWire’s strong position in consumer electronics A/V devices such as camcorders and televisions. Today, 100 percent of HD set top boxes provided by cable companies have FireWire ports. So do 100 models of HDTV. FireWire is the only separable interface today that can record HD programs in their full digital quality while also meeting the content protection requirements of copyright holders. Many companies are pursuing whole-home HD network solutions using FireWire - notably the HANA Alliance.
Certainly an interesting pose to take, considering the takeup currently on HDMI. We'll be following this with some interest to see how the new Firewire generation gets on.
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