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New G94 9600GSO Revision
Well it seems that Nvidia is up to its usual rebranding/gimping tricks.  First they started off with the 8800GS, which was simply a memory/shader-gimped 8800GT.  They then renamed it to the 9600GSO.  Now, in order to compete in the lower-price bracket, Nvidia is giving the GSO a new form.
The new 9600GSO, set to come out sometime this month, will be based on the G94 core and will feature 48 shaders.  Translation: it's a gimped 9600GT (64SP).  Thankfully, the card will retain the 256-bit memory interface and thus will be available in 256/512MB forms.  The card will start out with the 65nm G94-120-A1 cores but will eventually transition to the 55nm 210-B1 and 219-B1 cores.
Now considering that the 9600GT performs worse than the 8800GT, it stands to reason that this new 9600GSO will likely perform worse than.  However, there's also a good chance that this change will push the cost down in order to help it battle AMD/ATI's HD 4670.  Who knows, the increased memory interface may help even things out as well.
Will this move help Nvidia combat AMD's lower-end competitors?  Or will their constant rebranding only serve to confuse the consumer?
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