New GF104 Card On The Way? Page: 1

The GTX 470 didn't garner as much praise as Nvidia had hoped.  It was hot, inefficient, and its performance, while solid, did not quite make up for its faults in enthusiasts' eyes.  That's why, following on the success of the recent GTX 460, Nvidia appears to planning a new GF104-based card to replace it.

While the GTX 460 features "only" 336 CUDA stream processors, the GF104 chip is actually capable of running 384 cores.  Naturally, this new upcoming GTX 470 replacement will have all of them unlocked and will likely also ship with a faster base clock speed in order to compete with the GTX 470's 448 CUDA cores.

Aside from this, not much more is known about this new "GTX 475" as some people have come to call it.  There is speculation that it will become available late summer once the current GTX 470 stock runs dry.  Seeing how the GTX 460 crushes its GF100 predecessor, the GTX 465, in the performance/price/efficiency categories, enthusiasts appear to have some decent hope for this card.

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