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New Intel Wolfdale stock cooler
If you ever needed confirmation that with every die shrink processor heat output is going to be considerably less, then the stock cooler that Intel is going to run with for their Wolfdale chips is testament to the fact.
...the new Wolfdale Core 2 Duo E8000 CPUs have a new cooler bundled with them. As you can see below, the cooler is similar to that found with Conroes yet significantly smaller due to the cut-down aluminum heatsink. This move probably helps Intel trim down the manufacturing costs but mostlycomes to show one big plus of the 45nm process and that's the lower heat output.
Intel stock cooler_1  
Intel stock cooler_2
Intel stock cooler_3
It's an itty bitty heatsink, but it shows the faith that Intel have in the lower heat output of their Wolfdale processors
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