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New Level Raptor In The Works
Western Digital's Raptors have long been heralded as the fastest "normal" desktop hard drives available due to their 10,000 RPM spin speed. Over the years, WD has been slowly improving the line, primarily in the storage department, with each successive drive doubling the storage space of its predecessor.  Well now they are going to have a new primary improvement focus: speed.
It has been learned that Western Digital is hoping to double the speed of the Raptor to a blistering 20,000 RPM. That's not all. Western Digital is being ambitious, aiming to hit another golden point for hard drives: silence.  As owners of previous versions of the Raptor know, silencing 10,000 RPM drives is not easy, much less 20,000.  The answer looks to lie within the housing of the drive.
Much like the recently released Velociraptor, this next-generation drive will be of the 2.5" form factor housed within a 3.5" frame.  Considering the 10,000 RPM Velociraptor isn't quite silent, it is clear the housing design will have to be tweaked in order to cope with the drastic speed increase and meet WD's goal of silence.
Obviously, this drive looks to be a last ditch effort to fend off the ever-evolving solid state drive (SSD) in terms of performance and silent operation.  No word has been given on a release time frame or price range, as the drive is still in development.  Still, there is little doubt that this drive will cost a pretty penny.
Will this new level of Raptor be able to show SSDs who's boss?
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