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PSP 3000Sony's latest revamp of the PSP to be released in Europe on 15th October

Only a year after the release of the PSP-2000 (Slim & Lite version), Sony are soon to release their latest update of the popular handheld console. Sony officially announced the PSP-3000 at the Leipzig Games Convention held over the recent bank holiday weekend.

There have been rumours flying around since way before the recent announcement regarding what will have been updated on this new model. Many had their fingers crossed hoping that Sony would give the CPU a 45nm update which would allow for higher clocks and in turn allow the console to play higher quality games. This isn't going to happen, at least not in the PSP-3000. Others were hoping for smaller additions such as a second analogue nub and a decent capacity of internal flash memory. Again however, these upgrades aren't present in this version.

So what can you actually look forward to with the updated PSP?

Well firstly, the biggest confirmed change has to be the new screen.  It has a wider colour gamut and higher contract ratio as well as anti-relection technology to reduce glare and make the screen much clearer, especially when playing in brighter conditions i.e outside.
However, this fancy pants new screen does come with a price.  It's said to reduce battery life by 30 minutes or so.  While it doesn't sound much, the PSP took quite a hit in that department when it got shrunk down for the PSP-2000.  Also, that was Sony quoting 30 minutes so perhaps we should expect a little more of a loss?  Just to give you an idea of battery duration, the image below shows some figures for the two previous PSP revisions:
PSP battery life
Another key addition is the inclusion of a built-in microphone, allowing users to make free Skype calls.  Other subtle changes include the home button being replaced by a PlayStation Home button and the little PS symbol usually found on the top left of the device being replaced with the Sony logo which has jumped over from the top right hand side.  It's also said to be slightly more rounded and generally have a better finish.
While snooping around the net doing a little research, the rumour I came accross the most regarding what else might be included is support for a PS3 controller to be connected via USB.  The main benefit to this would be if you connect the PSP up to your TV, you could then use a normal PS3 controller instead of the PSP itself.
Upon release, it's said there will be 8 1-game bundles available.  HMV have it on pre-order for release on the 31st October 2008 priced at £149.99.
Is this revision of the PSP something that would temp you to upgrade your current model or is it just a money grabbing ploy by Sony until they get their act together and release a true PSP2?
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