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Official Press Release

Enermax, renowned manufacturer of power supply units, has expanded its portfolio of products with aluminium mobile and external hard disks-housings. The new Jazz enclosures unique full mesh design, ensures that any heat generated is quickly dissipated away from the HDD and cooler air is then free to flow back into the device which instantly cools and helps to lengthen the hard disk life. The enclosures were designed with the objective of extending the service life of hard disk drives by ensuring that the HDD is always kept at an optimum temperature. The extraordinary feature of the Jazz 3.5in is the easy installation of the hard disk without any tool, through three simple steps. Replace, Slide and Lock with a patented "Zero-Screw" lock system.


The 2.5 jazz's dimensions are (H) 17mm x (W) 78.3mm x (D) 138.8 and it weighs just 110g. Included in the box, is an extra usb power cable and a water resistant travel bag. The Dimensions for the 3.5 are (H) 43mm x (W) 124mm x (D) 220mm with a weight of 490g. Models are available for SATA I&II HDD and eSATA the range also features a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connection. Included, is a vertical acrylic stand (3.5" version only) and 4 extra anti-slip rubber feet for horizontal and vertical setup. Unlike other external enclosures with a large power pack, the Jazz comes with a compact external adapter.

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