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HD 5000 Series Drivers
Radeon 5900 GPUATI have released a set of drivers for the 5870 and 5850, as well as the recently released 5770 and 5750. These are the first official drivers and should be the first of many to come. They are designed for use with Windows Vista and 7, both 32 and 64bit versions and can be downloaded direct from AMD here.
This set of drivers is also fully OpenCL compliant, a first for ATI. Even more interesting, however, is the INF files. Inside, two Radeon HD 5900 cards are mentioned, alongside two 5800 and three 5700 series cards. These could well be the dual GPU 'Hemlock' card or perhaps the '5890' that was rumoured a few weeks back, either way, it shows how new higher end cards are definitely on the cards. The three 5700 cards could refer to the 5770 and the 512MB and 1GB models of the 5750, or perhaps a 5730 if the 4 series is anything to go by.
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